Las Ramblas is without doubt the most iconic street in Barcelona. Not only that, as it is famously known around the world and has served as inspiration for countless novels, films and art in general. The renowned Spanish poet Federico García Lorca once said about Las Ramblas: “The happiest street in the world, the street where the four seasons of the year live together at the same time, the only street on Earth that I wish would never end, rich in sounds, abundant of breezes, beautiful of meetings, ancient of blood: Rambla de Barcelona.”

Las Ramblas is found in the heart of the city and marks the border between the Gothic Quarter and El Raval. It stretches along a bit under a mile and connects Plaça Catalunya and the Port Vell. It’s a beautiful area of the city, where old meets new, and also where you’ll find some great Barcelona apartments.

There’s a lot to do and see in Las Ramblas in Barcelona so take a close look at the itinerary we’ve prepared for you!

Things to do in Las Ramblas in Barcelona

Go to a museum or an arts exposition

Barcelona is a city known for its wide cultural offer, and Las Ramblas is no exception. In less than a mile you’ll find many fantastic and diverse options if you’re looking for a bit of culture. Near the beginning of Las Ramblas, and right in front of the iconic La Boquería market, is the Erotic Museum of Barcelona. A very unusual museum but interesting nonetheless, and a place that lives up to the city’s romantic reputation.

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Further down the street, and getting closer to the Port Vell (the Old Port; you’ll feel it in the fresh sea breeze) is the Santa Mònica Arts Center. A public venue showcasing very diverse contemporary art and constantly rotating expositions. The Santa Mònica is located in what used to be a 17th century Renaissance convent. Furthermore, it’s worth pointing out that the entrance is free! A must-see spot in Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

Near the Columbus monument by the end of Las Ramblas you’ll also find Barcelona’s famous Wax Museum. A place where time has reached a standstill and where you can stand face to face with some of history’s most prominent figures!

Enjoy live music at Liceu

Continuing along the lines of Barcelona’s vibrant cultural offer, our next stop is Barcelona’s opera house, the Gran Teatre del Liceu. A historic building and cultural landmark inaugurated in 1847, it is also one of the biggest opera houses in Europe. Its program always has a variety of shows from some of the best national and international performers. Moreover, if you don’t feel like sitting in on a show, you can always do a tour of the theater, which is just as exciting! Definitely something not to miss while visiting Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

Marvel at the human statues

However, everything isn’t only about conventional culture. Barcelona is as spontaneous as a city can get, and you’ll see this firsthand on Las Ramblas thanks to its famous human statues. In no other place in the world will you see such a conglomeration of top-notch street performers grouped together in the same place. Keep your eyes peeled, as their costumes are so amazing that you’re bound to mistake them for real statues!

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Grab a bite at La Boquería

La Boquería market is one of the main attractions to see on Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Although it has become a favorite for travelers visiting the city, this really is a genuine local spot. It’s a traditional market where locals and travelers alike go to find the best fresh produce. Many stalls within the market also serve street food and tapas, so make sure to try some new dishes. Decidedly a place worth seeing while visiting Las Ramblas in Barcelona, and guaranteed to awaken your senses!

See Las Ramblas from another perspective

At the bottom of Las Ramblas is the Columbus Monument, dedicated to the historic explorer we all know. The monument is also in front of the Port Vell (the city’s Old Port), and with so many imposing old buildings around this area simply gives off a grand atmosphere that has withstood the passing of time.

However, the Columbus monument isn’t just a regular old statue. It’s also the best lookout point in downtown Barcelona. A lift within the monument will take you up to a very small viewing tower, from which you’ll be able to see Las Ramblas and Barcelona from a whole new perspective.

These are just some of the things to see in Las Ramblas in Barcelona. There are tons of other activities to do on the same street, so make sure not to miss out on this while visiting the Catalan capital!