Traveling with kids isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be a daunting experience for many parents, who want to balance fun activities for their children with their own personal interests. Furthermore, if you add to that the factor of being in a new and unfamiliar city, the prospect of traveling with kids can be quite intimidating.

With this in mind, we’ve drawn up this list of fun activities to do when traveling to Barcelona with children.

Fun activities in Barcelona when traveling with kids

Go to Park Güell

Our first stop on this list is no other than Park Güell, one of Barcelona’s nine famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Designed by Antonio Gaudí, the father of the city’s unmistakable modernista architecture, it is located on Carmel hill. This position makes Park Güell a great lookout spot to admire the city from.

Besides, it’s not only a must-see attraction in Barcelona. It’s also great when traveling with children as there’s plenty of space for them to run around and let their imagination run loose with the unique architectural designs!

Marvel at the human statues on Las Ramblas

Our second recommendation of things to do when traveling with kids to Barcelona is another essential spot in the city: Las Ramblas. Parents and children alike will marvel at the amazing street performers and human statues you’ll find here, right in the heart of Barcelona. Some of the best apartments of the city are also found in this area.

Moreover, there are plenty of attractions around, such as the Wax Museum, the Palau Güell (another UNESCO World Heritage site) or the Columbus monument, which you can go up to on a lift and take a look around. Finish your visit by grabbing a bite and ice cream at La Boquería market, and the whole family will be happy!

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Enjoy a day at the beach

The title is self-explanatory. Who doesn’t love the beach? A fun activity no matter your age, and a great plan to do when traveling to Barcelona with children. The Catalan capital is graced by sunlight and mild weather almost all year long! Need we say more?

Outdoor fun at Parc de la Ciutadella

This park is to Barcelona what the famous Central Park is to New York. The quintessential green space in Barcelona, and definitely worth a visit. Moreover, the park has a very interesting history dating back to the 18th century. Moreover, there are ping pong tables and even the city zoo is located here. Or you can also go to the pond and feed the ducks and geese. Parents and children alike will love this while visiting Barcelona!

Go up the Tibidabo mountain

Overlooking the city of Barcelona, legends say there is a treasure perched on top of the Tibidabo mountain… And that is the Tibidabo Amusement Park! Sitting at 500 meters above sea level, the Tibidabo is the highest mountain in Barcelona and the amusement park is one the city’s most beloved landmarks. No holiday in Barcelona with children is complete without a visit here and a ride on the glowing Ferris wheel. Definitely a must when traveling to Barcelona with kids.

Enjoy the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

No, this is not a Disney World attraction. It is a place of wonder in downtown Barcelona, and better yet, it’s free! During all seasons of the year, the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc displays its mesmerizing show of water jets, lights and music, at least three nights a week. It truly is an awe-inspiring spectacle, as the fountain sprays 700 gallons of water a second through 3620 jets to create its effect, with incredible water spouts up to 170 feet high. Make sure not to miss out on this when traveling to Barcelona with children, as it’s an undeniably fun activity for the whole family!

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