Barcelona is one of the world’s leading tourist destination and was ranked Europe’s third and one of the world’s most successful as a city brand. The city receives about 19 million visitors in 2017 only and these tourists have been a greater contributor to its economy by spending close to $9 billion contributing to about 18 percent of its total revenue generated by its commercial sector even when the spending by locals were reduced.

In the world of luxury tourism, the city of Barcelona has been recognized as the second most favorite a place behind New York in the United States. In a survey conducted by Holiday Habits, luxury travelers spend on average between $3,950 and $7,110 which about five times the amount spent by an average tourist.
According to the survey report, 83 percent of these tourists usually stay in luxury apartments, and visits between one and four times a year. As for the duration of their stay, it ranges between long-term stays, short trips, and weekend getaways. 40 percent prefer travelling visiting their holidays in summer and 26 percent stated they love traveling in autumn, especially in September.

When asked on their preferred home during their visit 73 percent prefer staying in a luxury apartment with 45 percent of them booking the most luxury apartments for optimum comfortability and quality. Only 28 percent choose basic rooms and 24 percent prefer a suite. The participants in the study are majorly families and people who travel with a partner.

Enough of the stats, let us face the implications. Every year, as stated before, a lot of visitors travel to Barcelona mostly for tourism purposes and others for business. With this voluminous influx, getting a standard luxurious home by tourist that is of better or same standard as that they have back home is always nearly impossible as there are less of these prestigious apartments such as Mercedes Heritage.

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Of course, there are other apartments in this city with tourism reputation that dates back to the time immediately preceding the 1992’s Olympic. The available apartments are classified into bread and breakfast, best value, family, luxury, trendy and vacation rentals, but there has been a high demand for the luxury apartments due to the comfortability and quality of service they offer.

Problems This Present for Tourists

Barcelona currently has numerous 5-star grand luxury hotels like Miramar Barcelona and Claris Hotel among others with top-notch luxury apartments like Mercedes Heritage Barcelona Apartments. The capacity of this facilities is very limited compared to the number of visitors the beautiful and historic city frequently receives. For tourists who wish to have a lovely stay in this part of the world, it is important tourists are proactive in booking their apartments on time for seamless experience touring their visit.

Some Companies Are Fined for providing unlicensed properties

Before any real estate property can list either a property or facility for tourists, they have to be licensed by the city authority. In 2017 for instance, the City Hall banned new hotel beds in the Gothic Quarters. While property companies were fined thousands of dollars for listing unlicensed tourist rentals. The process of getting a property licensed is not an easy task thou in Barcelona as the authority ensures the property is perfect for tourists before issuing a license ― making it a long bureaucratic process. To choose from the numerous luxury homes in Barcelona, tourists are advised to check if the property they are staying is licensed to ensure a trouble-free and convenient stay. Mercedes Heritage is one of the luxury Barcelona apartments licensed by the city.

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Some Luxury Things You Can Do in Barcelona

Aside from staying in a luxury apartment in Barcelona, you can try one of these luxurious activities to add more fun to your tourism experience;

Limousine or Luxury Van Pick Up

Arrive your luxury apartment like a VIP by booking a pickup service with a company that uses limousine and/or luxury van such as Sixt luxury car.

Ride a Luxurious Car (like Ferrari)

You don’t need to buy one before driving one. There are companies in Barcelona that offer the experience of driving a luxurious car such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Take a Cooking Class

Make your visit more exceptional and memorable by attending a cooking class for few hours of your daily tour schedule to learn how to prepare some of the Catalonians favorite dish.

The number of Barcelona tourists from Russia and Eastern Europe has increased by more than 32%, those from the United Kingdom grew by 12%, the United States by 4.7% and tourist from Germany has also increased by 4.3%, with a considerable increase for other parts of the world too. Irrespective of your home base, we have the perfect luxury apartment for you to enjoy your vacation.