One of the first things visitors to Barcelona notice is, without doubt, the amount of life and activity that fills its streets. The Mediterranean character of its residents soaks into every corner of the city and can be seen and experienced in many ways. The atmosphere of bars, terraces, restaurants and other places where you can enjoy  tapas and some good conversation over a glass of wine or a cold beer.
It could be said that on virtually every one of Barcelona’s streets, there is at least one bar or terrace and, therefore, an island of light in which to enjoy and share the city’s fantastic character. There’s nothing like enjoying a tapa on a terrace to experience first-hand what it means to be part of one of the most popular cities in the Mediterranean and worldwide.

Tapas in Barcelona

 But beware! Going out for tapas is not as easy as it sounds and you have to follow a very strict ritual. Going out for tapas is inherently a social activity and should be done with the intention of having a good time in the company of others, talking, sharing, laughing…Purists say that, in the past, going out for tapas was associated with what is called ‘la convidá’ or ‘invite’, i.e. everyone pays for a round and people never, or very rarely, just pay for their share. You have to know how to combine tapas with each other and tapas with drinks. It is not a case of anything goes…and the size of the tapas allows us to try lots of different dishes and specialities to bring out our adventurous side! And finally, going out for tapas is an excellent way of getting to know the city. If you ask a terrace and tapas expert, they will tell you that the ideal way is to move around often and go to different places to try as many different tapas as possible, walk together, explore the city and, ultimately, use the experience to really get to know Barcelona.
And, above all, when you go out for terraces and tapas, remember to stick to the city’s philosophy: Eat tapas and be happy!
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