There’s no Japanese food as universal as sushi. Known in all corners of the world, it’s without doubt the quintessential Japanese dish. Finding it in a cosmopolitan city isn’t hard… But finding the best restaurants to eat sushi in Barcelona? That’s another question, and not necessarily an obvious one.

There are many elements that separate good sushi, nigiri, maki or sashimi from poor. The freshness of the fish, how the rice is cooked, its quantity and temperature, or even the way it’s rolled… All of these factors influence the final result, from the kitchen to your palate. It’s truly a craft in which sushi masters invest their whole lives in mastering.

Luckily for you, we’ve drawn up a list with some of the best sushi restaurants in Barcelona. Give yourself a treat and enjoy the freshest fish, the finest cut and the best-cooked rice in the Catalan capital!

The best sushi restaurants in Barcelona

Tasca Japonesa WAKASA 3.0
Carrer de Nàpols, 287

Wakasa 3.0 is as traditional as it gets. If you want to eat authentic sushi in Barcelona, this is definitely a restaurant to check out. Based around the concept of slow food, which emphasizes the importance of local and traditional cooking, Wakasa 3.0 is managed by an endearing Japanese couple. The wife tends to the clients while her husband works on the sushi behind the counter, making his art visible to the most curious eyes.

They have been operative in different locations for many years around the city, and despite moving multiple times, have still managed to build up a loyal following. Beware, though, as their expert craftsmanship has its cost. Nonetheless worth it, by all means!

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Bun Sichi Eixample
Passatge de Lluís Pellicer, 20

A benchmark of suhi made in Barcelona. With more than twenty years of experience under his belt, Takashi Komura leads this amazing sushi restaurant in Barcelona. Hailing from Osaka, his specialty are tasteful nigiris made of gilt-head bream, tuna and mackerel. Definitely one of the best sushi restaurants you’ll find in the city, and at the best price-quality.

Located on the upper part of L’Eixample, Barcelona’s iconic modernist neighborhood, some of the best luxury apartments in Barcelona are also found in this area.

Koyuki Eixample
Carrer de Còrsega, 242

Not far from Bun Sichi is also Koyuki, another authentic sushi parlor in Barcelona. Step inside and delve into the cozy ambience of a traditional japanese restaurant. Manga-covered shelves included. Their exceptional decor and exquisite sushi, sashimis and nigiris will transport you all the way from Europe to the land of the rising sun. A must for japanese-cuisine aficionados! Top-notch sushi at the best price.

Koy Shunka
Carrer d’en Copons, 7

Going to Koy Shunka is truly a declaration of intent. The first sushi restaurant in Barcelona to be able to boast of a Michelin star. Do you really need more credentials? Sushi master Hideki Mtsuhisa takes meticulous care of all the details in his restaurant: from ambient temperature and the precise cut of the fish, to the quantity and texture of the rice. Everything is carefully calculated. Koy Shunka is located in the beautiful Born district, so make sure to take a stroll after your delicious meal and admire the awe-inspiring architecture.

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Nomo Gràcia
Carrer Gran de Gràcia, 13

A rare species among sushi restaurants in Barcelona. Why? Because at Nomo they go beyond traditional sushi-making. It’s all about experimenting. This Japanese restaurant located in the vibrant Gràcia neighborhood merges Japanese dishes with Spanish and Peruvian fusion cuisine. A delectable restaurant that will surprise even the most experienced sushi connoisseurs.