Tonight there are the  St. John’s Eve celebrations in Barcelona and there are events and festivities in almost all districts of the city.The tradition marks a party outdoors with bonfires, live music and fireworks to celebrate the arrival of summer. This celebration is very popular in Catalonia, and is held in all populations, originally, it was a party to celebrate the summer solstice, as the seasons change takes place and is one of the shortest nights of the year.

Today the spirit of celebrating the arrival of summer still remains, so you can enjoy the good weather to hold the party outdoors and enjoy the terraces, squares and parks of Barcelona, where the celebrations are taking place.

Very close to our apartments in the street Provence with Rocafort one of the parties organized by the entities of Eixample, will start at 21h. On the following link you can checkthe popular festivals in the districts of Barcelona. See the official brochure “San John’s party in Barcelona“.

Cava, coca de San Juan and firecrackers

The tradition says that this festival should be celebrated with cava, coca de Sant Joan (a typical sweet) and firecrackers, we invite you to celebrate this party around the city. To facilitate the mobility throughout the city, metropolitan transport service of Barcelona, will be open all night without interruption.

Next we copy the link to a page where you can discover the origin of St. John, and you will also find the entire program of festivals and events to be held in Barcelona.

Information about the tradition and program of St. John’s celebrations: Official Website

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