Here in Spain we are just two weeks away from one of the most breathtaking celebrations around the year: Easter (also known as the Holy Week; “la Semana Santa” in Spanish). Apart from its religious meaning, Easter marks the arrival of the warm weather in Barcelona – we are going to enjoy more sunshine and more sea breezes from now on!

Easter: a must-see festival in Spain

Easter is a very important festivity in Spain. Every region has its own way to celebrate this festival. Here in Barcelona, we still keep some of the most traditional celebrations like the processions. However, being a modern and innovative city as we are, in Barcelona you will see some new elements being added to this traditional festival.

The processions: the traditional approach to Easter celebration

The Easter celebration begins on Palm Sunday, 9 April, kicked off by the first procession on this day. Starting at 10 a.m., the floats will march from the Plaza San Agustín and pass through some important tourist spots such as La Rambla, Puerta del Ángel, and Plaza de la Boquería. The procession will finish at around 1 p.m.

What to see in Barcelona during Easter “la Semana Santa”

Other processions will take place on the Good Friday, 14 April. The march will start at late afternoon. The Cathedral, for example, will be an ideal place to see these processions. Ladies participating in this procession will dress in “mantilla”, a traditional Spanish lace that worn over the head and shoulders.

What to see in Barcelona during Easter “la Semana Santa”

“Mona de Pascua”: a modern touch to the traditional dessert

Apart from the religious activities, this week of celebrations is still full of fun, especially for those who have a sweet tooth. Instead of Easter chocolate eggs, here at the Mediterranean coast we have the “mona de Pascua”, a dessert that is available only on these days.

The traditional “mona” has a round shape like a crown. It has a sponge cake base, filled with custard, chocolate or fruit jam, and topped with “crema catalana” and almonds on the side. The most classic ones are decorated with painted boiled eggs. It usually appears on the breakfast table, together with some good coffee or hot chocolate.

What to see in Barcelona during Easter “la Semana Santa”

But the world-class patisseries in Barcelona have given this traditional dessert a revolution. If you stroll around the city, you will see our new definition to “mona”: the impressive chocolate sculptures. They come in every shape and every size: some in the shape of a hopping rabbit, some look like a house, we have even seen a chocolate version of Sagrada Familia (picture below), all made of chocolate! You will definitely be impressed by the cutting-edge craftsmanship of the renowned patisseries in town.

What to see in Barcelona during Easter “la Semana Santa” What to see in Barcelona during Easter “la Semana Santa” What to see in Barcelona during Easter “la Semana Santa”

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We hope that you will enjoy this Easter as much as we do. And of course, if you are coming to visit Barcelona in this lovely season, don´t forget to book your place at Mercedes Heritage Apartments!