Sant Jordi is probably the most romantic Catalonian festival and one of the most told legends on our homeland. This festival comes from the legend of St. George (“Sant Jordi” in Catalan) slaying the dragon to save the princess. According to the legend, after the downfall of the dragon, a gorgeous red rose grew from its blood – a perfect gift from St. George to the most beautiful girl in the town.

And the legend goes far beyond itself – it has become one of the most celebrated festivals and part of the popular culture in Catalonia.

Since the 15th century, people held rose fairs to celebrate the day. And now it is even more: a festival of love and presents, books for him and roses for her, promises and love declarations.

Being the Catalonian capital, every year Barcelona holds a great celebration on this day. Everyone is out to enjoy this festival: going for a walk in the city, holding hands with the beloved one.

What to do in Barcelona in Sant Jordi?

This is a very special day for all Catalonians. As mentioned before, it is a day for love declarations and again, flowers for her and books for him. Strolling around Barcelona, you will find stalls that sell books and flowers, literally at every corner of the city, making it so easy to show your love to your beloved ones.

You will also see endless activities such as book-signing by top-tier authors and storytelling activities. Our favorite story for the day, of course, is the one of Sant Jordi and other stories about the traditional celebrations of the festival.

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The importance of the knight Sant Jordi

The knight Sant Jordi plays a very important role in the Catalonian culture. The knight is indeed Barcelona´s patron, and we can see many local customs derived from his story. One of our ways to make tribute to the knight is by naming representative buildings after him. Examples include the Sant Jordi Palace, where a number of world-class artists have given concerts. Some important streets in other Catalonian cities are also named after the knight.

The city of origin of the legend

If you ask where did this legend come from, the answer is MontBlanc. Just like the city of Don Quijote, Sant Jordi defeated the dragon and saved the princess in MontBlanc. Actually, on every 23rd of April, the city celebrates the day in a very traditional way. If you have a chance to visit MontBlanc on this day, you will definitely love it! The whole town smells of Catalonia´s charm and Sant Jordi´s magic.