Traveling is always a very exciting endeavor. Discovering new places, foreign cultures, different people, unfamiliar foods, unique traditions… It really opens one’s perspectives of the world. Of course, traveling always entails making a bunch of decisions. Where to go, how to get there, how much time to stay, what your budget is, among countless of other questions!

By all means, one of the most important decisions to make when traveling is choosing where to stay. With the rise of new technologies and the Internet, we now have more choices than ever with regard to where to stay. Beds & breakfasts, hotels, hostels, serviced apartments… It’s easy to get lost among so many options. To help you out, in today’s feature we’ve analyzed the different reasons why an apartment is better than a hotel.

There are many different advantages and amenities of staying at an apartment instead of a hotel. Pay close attention and you’ll soon find yourself booking your dream apartment for your next holiday!

Advantages of an apartment compared to a hotel

Convenient locations

It’s very common to find hotels in specific areas of cities. For obvious reasons, really. Naturally, hotels are usually located in strategic places, close to business hubs or the main tourist attractions. But say you want to visit a friend or family member, and want to stay somewhere close to them. It can sometimes be very hard to find hotel options within residential neighborhoods.

Fortunately, serviced apartments can be found anywhere. They are not limited to business districts and busy boulevards. The flexibility in terms of location is one of the main reasons why an apartment is better than a hotel. And a great option if you want to take the path less traveled by!

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Much more space

This is an obvious one, but very important nonetheless. One of the main reasons why renting an apartment is better than booking a hotel is space. There is just no point of comparison between the two. While a hotel can cost you hundreds of euros a night for a 325 square feet room, you can find a 1,000 square foot guesthouse or apartment at the same rate!

This is especially convenient when traveling with a group or family. If you’re sharing a room with kids, for instance, as an adult you’re forced to sit in the dark after their bedtimes. Or even worse, you get woken up by early-rising kids full of energy looking for somewhere to play. Yet another argument why apartments are better than hotels!

The comforts of home

While hotels do offer many amenities and luxuries, nothing beats the comforts and privacy of home. Unlike hotels, at an apartment you have your own kitchen to use at mealtimes, whenever you need it. At an apartment you don’t have to worry about going down to the hotel restaurant to have breakfast. You can get ready to start the day by having a nice cup of hot coffee, comfortably and snugly in your pajamas.

Also, having your own kitchen also means more room in the fridge. Forget those miniature mini bar fridges full of overpriced drinks and snacks you don’t really want! And why not point out that apartments have other amenities at hand, such as a washing machine, televisions, ironing boards… Need we say more?

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Live like a local

You know what they say: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Renting a apartment gives you the chance to do precisely this. A chance to experience the local life. Get to know your neighborhood, its pastry parlor, its flower shop or even small designer boutiques… Even bumping into your local neighbors in the elevator can result in interesting meetings!

A good reason why an apartment is better than a hotel is that it you’re not limited to the usual touristic areas, and you can discover the city for real.

Better value for your money

Finally, the last advantage of an apartment as opposed to a hotel is that apartment rentals cost much less, and give you so much more. More space, more privacy, better locations… It’s all about convenience! Also worth pointing out is that oftentimes, the longer you stay at an apartment, the better the deal. Without any doubt, apartments give you a much better value for your money.

These are just some of the reasons why apartments are better than hotels. Now it’s time for you to find out for yourself. We rest our case!