In case you haven’t heard of this great event in Barcelona, or you did know one or two things about it, we will be sharing much more with you.

There is an old industrial neighborhood in Poble Nou with lots of warehouses and factories abandoned. But today this location is a study and artisan space of designers and artists and hosting one of Barcelona’s major event, the Palo Alto Market.

What is the Palo Alto Market?

Palo Alto is a market event that was initiated in 2014 as a street market buzzing with music; showcasing artistic designs and display of local foods. The Palo Market Festival is indeed a display of the locals’ creativity and how an old abandoned neighborhood could be rebranded. Palo Alto was one of the pioneers that bring the hipster vibe to the barrio and the concept is still going strong.

When is the Palo Alto Market Opened?

The Palo Alto Market (or Palo Market Festival) is always opened every first weekend of the month ― Saturday and Sunday except in August. Most of the time tourists are lucky to arrive in the week the market is opened and others if they are staying for a longer duration, may be chanced to witness it too.

What you can do in Palo Alto Market?

The Palo Alto Market is a hub of innovative ideas and creativity. You will see different projects and initiatives all in this location. Visitors have the chance of buying artworks, vintage, hand-made, street foods in stalls and mostly in from food trucks (and even vermouths) with street performance crowding the street to entertain you. It is indeed a once in a lifetime experience ― a comprehensive display of culture.

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Things you may find in the Palo Alto Market

The Palo Alto Market showcases small businesses, young and vibrant artists, locally made products, creative works promoting social change, vintage clothing, shoes, skateboards, kitchenware, and handmade toys. And in case of brands, you could have lots of them here such as OMG Barcelona brands collection, Naume studio ceramics and Ukat bags (made with Senegalese wax fabrics). Music from different performers and foods of different origins such as African could also be found here.

Booking Tickets for the Palo Alto Market

Due to the fun-filled atmosphere of the event, getting a ticket for the Palo Alto Market is very competitive. It is advisable to book your ticket on-time online at Tickets are available one week prior to the event. Cost of tickets is 3€ (online) and 4€ (at the box office). Free admission for children under 12 years and for people with reduced mobility or disabilities and their companions. Free entrance for Diagonal Mar-Front Marítim +

Poblenou residents

How the Organizers are Trying to Maintain Palo Alto Market Experience
To maintain the Palo Alto Market’s reputation, the organizers mandate vendors to submit proposals which are reviewed to ensure the market continues to offer the reputable products and food selections. Not forgetting the new and upcoming artists performance. Every month changing theme is something to watch out for too.
Some foods recommended by tourists

The Palo Alto Market is notable for its varieties of food. Tourists describe it as a place you will eat throughout your tour. One of the popular foods with tourists is the pulpo (octopus) tacos that is freshly made at your presence. Aside from this, you can also enjoy varieties of snacks such as veggie burgers and paella; with every kind of cuisine from Japanese to Mexican and Italian in the food trucks.

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Other markets in Barcelona

In case your vacation time does not coincide with the Palo Alto Market date, there are other markets in Barcelona you could visit for a historic experience in Barcelona such as Mercat dels Encants, Glòries; Mercat de Galvany, Sant Gervasi; Mercat de Santa Caterina, La Ribera, Ciutat Vella; Mercat de la Llibertat, Gràcia; and Mercat de Sant Antoni, Sant Antoni. These are locations you could enjoy foods like picantón (spring chicken) baby scallops au gratin, cubed tuna with a soy sauce, sherry and walnut dressing and squid, clams and white beans, and cazón (dogfish).

What to do after visiting the Palo Alto Market

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