There is an infinite list of not-to-be-missed in the metropolitan Barcelona: restaurants, accommodations and activities in the city in order to enjoy a splendid holiday. But there is always more. Outside the metropolitan area, there are even more activities, excursions and places for you to discover.

From attraction parks to cultural spots to historical sites, eating out in Michelin stars restaurants, these are just some examples of what you can enjoy, not only in Barcelona but in all Catalonia.

We have compiled at below some not-to-be-missed places that will make a decent day trip to Barcelona outskirts.

Port Aventura

One simply can’t miss out the PortAventura Attraction Park. This is a perfect destination for youngsters, senior citizens, kids and families – with all the shows, restaurants, settings and, most of all, the rides.

There are various themes in the park: Far West, China, Mediterranean, Polynesia, Mexico and the Sesame Street-themed area. Each of these themed area is decorated in a traditional or typical way and, of course, is equipped with different rides.

Port Aventura

The most famous rides? Try Dragon Khan, Shambhala, Furius Baco, Hurakan Condor and the Tutuki Splash.

If you are looking for an unforgettable one day trip, this will be your ideal option.

Water World Lloret

The Costa Brava is another tourist-attracting spot that you will not want to miss. Why? The beaches, the sunshine and the lovely environment would make everyone fall in love with this stunning place.

However, apart from enjoying the crystal-clear water along the coast and the classic mediterranean dishes, you can also have a great day in the water parks.

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Water World Lloret

Sliding down the funnel-shaped slide water slide (a.k.a. storm) and shooting up the epinephrine, this is a perfect family destination that you will not want to miss for your summer vacation in Barcelona.

But… how to get there? Right from the city centre of Barcelona or by public transport you can arrive there.

Mountain Montserrat

Tradition and culture are two key elements that define Catalonia and Barcelona.

The statue of Our Lady, known as La Moreneta (the Dark One), is a classic of which origen has always been controversial. The statue was first found on the mountain in 888 and the monastery, together with the chapel of Santa Maria, were constructed later.


Nowadays, the mountain Montserrat is an all-round destination for pilgrims, tourists and sport lovers. The main activity is still the veneration for Our Lady and masses in the church, as it has always been. But the mountain is as well a perfect place for one-day trips for history and culture, for rock climbing and hiking for sport lovers.

Figueres and Dali’s world

As we said, the Costa Brava is a place that you can’t miss. Not only for its clear waters, but also for its towns, beaches and its history.

Figueres is one of the gorgeous towns along the Costa Brava. There you can learn about the history and the famous Dali’s most surreal period. In the iconic museum of the artist you can see all his most representative works, together with the building itself – interesting, creative and original architecture design.

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Last but not least, there is a theatre nearby which features events based on the artist’s life.

Museo Dali

All in all, Barcelona is full of beauty inside and out, rich in culture and tradition, unique in gastronomy and entertainment. A must-visit destination for all!