Beautiful place to visit close to Barcelona

One of the most popular attractions in Catalonia is the Montserrat monastery. This Benedictine monastery is located just 58 km from Barcelona or about 1-hour drive by car. The monastery is named by the stunning mountain called Montserrat and it is officially known as Santa Maria de Montserrat. The monastery itself is situated high, almost on the top of this mountain.

Today, most tourists as well as people who live in Barcelona, use this place for a day trip. Because of its interesting location (about 1200 meters above the valley), visitors can enjoy the beautiful view. According to some tourist guides, people can see Mallorca island on a sunny and bright day.

Montserrat is a mountain that is 5 km wide and has about 10 km span which makes it ideal for people who are passionate about hiking. There are several trekking trails that are suitable for different categories of hikers. What makes these trails interesting is the fact that there are many natural monuments and formations that were formed millions of years ago. Some sources say that this attues is more than 800 years old.

Of course, visiting Montserrat is also perfect for people who show interest in religion because as we have mentioned before, this is the home of the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey. There are many Christians from around the globe who travel to this place as pilgrims. The Abbey has special place in the hearts of all people in Catalonia because it served as a sanctuary in periods of wars and unrest. One of the most interesting relics in this monastery is La Moreneta or Black Madonna, a statue of Mary depicted with dark skin. This statue was first stored in Santa Cova or the Sacred Cove which is about 40-minutes away from Montserrat monastery. Today, the original is placed in the monastery while pilgrims can find a replica in the cove. Escolania de Montserrat is another attraction that originates from this monastery. This is a boys’ choir of altos and sopranos that is based in this abbey. These boys live, study and sing in the abbey and sometimes visitors can listen to their musical prayers.

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Those looking for the perfect spot to start exploring Barcelona can stay at Mercedes Heritage apartments. These beautiful apartments are located in the center of Barcelona close to many attractions in Barcelona. If you stay there you can also find several transportation options to visit Montserrat too.

How to get from Mercedes Heritage to Montserrat

In order to get to Montserrat, you can use rent-a-car. As we have mentioned before, Montserrat is very close to Barcelona and it will take a 1-hour drive to get there from Mercedes Heritage via C-16 road.

In addition, you can use the train from Placa de Espanya and get straight to the bottom of the mountain. You can choose between two different package options – using a cable car to get to the top or using a rack-railway. Those who feel energetic and confident can try getting there on foot.

If you want to save some time (and in some cases money too) plan your trip ahead and buy tickets online on the web of Montserrat Monastery