How to travel in Barcelona by using mobile applications?

Travelling can be challenging if the tourists are unaware of the routes that need to be taken to go to the required place. This means that tourists are unlikely to find their destination if a travel guide is not hired. Travel guides tend to be expensive and inflexible in their destination choices that tourists may want to visit. To combat this problem, there are several virtual mobile applications that can be used by you to navigate your way through Barcelona. Two of these applications have gained tremendous popularity among Barcelona tourists. We present the description of these apps to enable more visitors staying in tourist apartments on their own to see the amazing places in Barcelona.

Gencat App

Tourist applications like Gencat App provide the users with most of the resources that they require for travelling on their own. This mobile application can be used to get the information abot the last updates on the tourists spots that are open in Barcelona. The users can know about the emergency contact numbers that they can use if an unexpected situation occurs. You can find the different routes that are available to go to the places you want to visit. The mobile app also shows the weather conditions that have been forecasted by the government. This helps in planning the travelling route that you are likely to follow.

Many tourists prefer to take public transport to get better acquainted with the local culture. Gencat Appshows the schedule and preferred routes that the public transport vehicles take. If you want to travel by train, then you can access the railway’s arrival and departure timings through this app. The notifications regarding any updates in the museum, libraries and other places can be easily seen by the user.

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Bus Turístic Virtual

One of the most popular augmented reality applications is Bus Turístic Virtual This application allows the users to find the symbolic tourist locations that can help in making your visit to Barcelona a success. Bus Turístic Virtual is designed by Barcelona Bus Turístic to enable tourists to easily navigate the city. If you download this application, you can find the important visiting places nearby. The guiding pointers are shown on the app screes for the users get to the required location.

The application provides the list of the Barcelona Bus Turístic services that are available for use. It shows the interesting locations that are likely to be near the bus route. The timings of the buses are constantly updated if there are service changes.