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Mercedes Heritage Apartments is synonymous of quality and service which are possible thanks to our luxury team same as our own apartments. Multidisciplinary, efficient and proactive are the adjectives that describe the expertise of our professionals.

Specialized in service management and resolution of incidences, impeccable dealing with customers is our best presentation.

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Short Stay Offers

Special Offers for Short Stay: 10% Off for non-refundable bookings

Ofertas Corta estancia

Ofertas especiales para cortas estancias del 10% de descuento en reserva no reembolsable

Ofertes de curta estada

Ofertes especials per a curtas estades de : 10% de descompte per reserves no reemborsables

Long Stay Offers

Special Offers for Long Stay: from 15% Off

Oferta Larga Estancia

Ofertas especiales para larga estancia: 15% de descuento

Oferta Llarga Estada

Ofertes especials per a llarga estada: 15% de descompte

Special Promotions

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Promociones especiales

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Promocions especials

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