One of the most important days, if not the most, of your life. A wedding is nothing less than that. Because of this, it’s an event in which no detail should be spared. It’s a day that you and your guests will remember always, for better or worse.

It’s in these cases that expert advice comes in handy and necessary. Someone with an eye to detail. A professional who will make sure the first day of the rest of your life is exactly what you wanted.

Barcelona, as the first class travel destination that it is, has many private luxury wedding planners who cater to all kinds of needs and whims for your special day. Many obvious factors make the Catalan capital an ideal luxury wedding haven.  A cosmopolitan city in a privileged spot on the Mediterranean coast, bathed by the sea and surrounded by mountains, with mild climate all year round. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Take a close look at the list of exclusive wedding planners in Barcelona we’ve drawn up, as you’ll find it all: from seaside weddings on the beach, to private villas or stylish hotels… You get to choose what you want, whether this is a traditional ceremony or a modern and creative event. It’s up to you!

The Best Luxury Wedding Planners in Barcelona

Luxury Weddings Barcelona

Luxury Weddings Barcelona is a private company committed to providing you with a very personal wedding experience. Finding a venue, a catering and bar service, flowers and decorations, stylists, ceremony officiants, wedding photographers, live music and entertainment… These are only some of the services offered.

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Just picture yourself in a secret private villa with all your needs catered to. A great option for your luxury wedding in Barcelona. Their offices are right around the corner from Sagrada Familia, so you can book a meeting and discuss your ideas in person. You’ll also find some of the best Barcelona apartments around this area.

Euphoria Global Events

If you’re looking for know-how and international experience, Euphoria Global Events has tons of both. Their operations do not stay only in Barcelona, as they’re also operative across Spain, as well as in pretty much all of Western Europe.

And if you’re looking for credentials, look no further: Euphoria Global Events was voted one of the leading wedding planners of Europe by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Europe.

They’ve got it all and they do it all: from brainstorming ideas to dress and costume coordination, to booking exclusive venues that are not usually available to the general public. Five-star hotels, world-famous nightclubs, country mansions, Michelin-star restaurants, and ritzy villas are just some of the choices they offer.

Bcn Wedding Planners

Led by Marta Priu, this private company has been organizing and designing weddings for more than a decade. In the process, they have become one of the benchmark agencies with regard to the design and organization of luxury weddings in Barcelona.

As such, they are operative all over Spain, but you’ll find their offices in downtown Barcelona. It’s all about convenience. Furthermore, their client list features international celebrities such as athletes from the NBA and FC Barcelona, among many others. You could be the next!

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Hotel Miramar

Hotel Miramar is not only a five-star hotel. They also organize luxury weddings in Barcelona. Of course, being a hotel, they already have the facilities and space for this. One less detail to plan, you’d think. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Even within their premises, located on the foothills of Montjuic, Hotel Miramar offers different spaces for you to choose. It depends on the character you want to confer to your luxury wedding in Barcelona. Choose from a modern hall, a beautiful garden designed at the start of the 20th century, the high grounds of the hotel, with imposing views of the city and the Mediterranean, or the Azulete, an endearing kiosk-type structure inspired by a typical Catalan restaurant from the twenties.

Choose wisely!