Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, Spain. The city is located on the northeast of Spain on the Mediterranean coast. The city itself was first created by the Romans and named after hamilcar barca (the father of Hannibal) who founded the city in 300 BC.Barcelona has a population of 1,621,537 people which makes it the biggest city in Catalonia and the second largest in Spain after Madrid. It is also the biggest city on the Mediterranean Sea.

Getting a luxury car hire in Barcelona is definitely one of the best ways to tour the beautifully stunning city. Car rentals in Barcelona is not such a scarce commodity, different companies offer car rental services and more than a few, offer luxury car rental services, renting this type of vehicles has become increasingly popular in recent years especially for those who want to live out a unique holiday experience. The service is in place majorly for tourist and for nationals who can’t just bear the feel of mediocrity, for those times when you just want to go all out of the norm, feel different and expensive with friends or family. These and many more have birthed this piece. You should try out some of my enlisted choice of luxury vehicle rentals below, they all have a wide range of luxury vehicle for all classes, tastes, and luxurious needs, so, my recommended Luxury car rentals in Barcelona includes:

King rent exclusive services

They are a global brand that offers services for cars ranging from sport cars to cabriolets, SUV/4X4 and executive. Their Headquarter office is located in King Rent SA, Via Chiosso 15, 6948 Porza – Lugano, SWITZERLAND.

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LC Barcelona

LC Barcelona offers services within Barcelona and it’s environs. They deal in car rentals and chauffeuring services for night events, wedding ceremonies, sport events, to the airport, casino and even to proms.

Elite Rent

Elite rent since its inception in 1987, has offered nothing below excellence and professionalism. Their services are highly customizable as they offer customers a wide array of options to choose from. From their fleet of over 600 luxury cars, customers get to state the choice of color and model of their preferred car and also, the desired location for the delivery of the car. Asides rentals, they offer chauffeur services as well as driving tours. They are the perfect brand for your family holidays in Barcelona.

Europe Luxury Car Hire

The Europe Luxury Car Hire is one of the largest Luxury car rental companies in Europe. They have major presence everywhere in Europe whilst offering chauffeur services, driving tour and a variety of VIP services to give your trip that extra sauce. These services includes airport pickup, Limousine service, wedding car hire and even villa rental and yacht charter, they offer that exquisite spice to every of your trips to or within Barcelona.

Vroomerz car hire

Vroomerz is a brand renowned for the speed of their service. Vroomerz provides luxury car models across different places all around Europe. To enjoy a completely serene and safe visit to Barcelona, your best bet will be the rental of a luxury car at Vroomerz. They run a portal site where you can rent your choicest luxury car, get it delivered to you or you pick it up from its pick-up location, all from just a few clicks. Try out their excellent and affordable services and be sure you’ll not only love them but will also refer friends.

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Sixt luxury car rent

Sixt is a select brand from the leading brands of luxury car in Barcelona. Their variety of available cars ranges from a stately Mercedes to sleek Ferrari sports cars. Their services come with accurate speed and adrenaline, a pack up of space, comfort and speed all in one package. Sixt car rentals is the go-to place for a premium car rental to eliminate the stress of a visit to the city. They offer chauffeur and even airport pick up servicesthat you should opt for. The Sixt’s premium hire fleet is its extensive fleet of cars that are continuously updated and features a wide array of vehicles, ranging from sporty 4x4s, convertibles, and exotic supercars.

Barcelona is renowned for its famous architecture, especially those of Antoni Gaudi and Lluis Domenech I Montaner. It is one of the most flocked tourist destination in the world. Its trade, entertainment, media, fashion and other distinctive arts also set for it, a pedestal. Luxury car rides with the touch of a perfect chauffeur service could make your trip around this encapsulating city, a lasting memory. Try out a luxury car deal with any of these recommended brands and be glad you did.