If Barcelona summer becomes a pole of cultural attraction is due in large part to one of its world-renownedfestivals: the GREC. Since 1976, the Barcelona summer after summer becomes the European reference scenario with a multitude of very interesting proposals for theater, dance, concerts, exhibitions, debates and a host of side events that take major streets and spaces city​​.GREC offers a cultural program that includesmany artistic disciplines for all ages, focusing in particular on the stage type. Even the little ones can enjoy aseries of shows designed for them under the MiniGREC’, so that not only the festival, but the entire citybecomes a highly recommended for those who want to experience a fantastic holiday or a great family getaway.

Consolidated and emerging artists

Large and established artists have their place in the GREC with emerging, groundbreaking, transgressivestars of the moment. That is he spirit of Barcelona through the GREC. Feel free to take a look at the schedulethis year. Sure that you find a proposal that calls you care. Or two … or three or more!

The GREC is much more than a very good excuse to visit Barcelona. It is an opportunity to enjoy a unique cultural experience that gives that particular character to the city. Are you going to lose?

Grec Festival

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