Ah, the Mediterranean diet. Much has been said about the culinary richness found in southern Europe. Not only is the food here delicious, it’s also healthy. What more could you ask for?

Hundreds of thousands of travelers flock to Barcelona every year for many reasons. Great food is one of these, and it shouldn’t be overlooked when planning your stay. Barcelona has over 30 restaurants that can boast of having one, two or even three Michelin stars.

However, it’s not all about Mediterranean cuisine here. You’ll also find all types of foods in this vibrant cosmopolitan city. We’ve prepared this article on the most fashionable restaurants in Barcelona so that you can have a small taste of everything!

The trendiest restaurants in Barcelona


Does the name Ferran Adrià ring a bell? If it doesn’t, you’re missing out. Ferran Adrià is arguably Spain’s most renowned chef, and is considered a haute cuisine eminence worldwide. Tickets Bar is his new venture in Barcelona, and a project he shares with his brother Albert Adrià. Their dining concept mixes traditional Spanish tapas with avant-garde cuisine.

Tickets is strategically located in the Sant Antoni neighborhood, also an area where you can find some great Barcelona apartments. Keep in mind that the waiting list to eat here is about three months long, so make sure to book in advance! This is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for the trendiest restaurants in Barcelona

Koy Shunka

Going to Koy Shunka is truly a declaration of intent. The first sushi restaurant in Barcelona that can boast of having a Michelin star. Do you really need more credentials? Everything in this restaurant is carefully calculated: from ambient temperature and the precise cut of the fish, to texture of the rice.

Koy Shunka is located in the beautiful Born district, so make sure to take a stroll after your delicious meal and admire the awe-inspiring architecture.


As we mentioned before, Barcelona has all kinds of restaurants for the most demanding palates. The variety of foods that you can find here is simply prodigious. Panqa is yet another hidden gem in the city, and one that is slowly but steadily earning its place among the most fashionable restaurants in Barcelona.

Here you can taste the delicacies of Peruvian fusion cuisine. Besides, the presentation of their dishes is remarkable and will make your mouth before you even have a bite! Make sure to try their delicious ceviche, a typical Latin American dish consisting of fresh raw fish cured with lemon juice.


An essential eatery if you’re looking for the trendiest restaurants in Barcelona. Àbac has been awarded with three Michelin stars for its sophisticated and creative cooking. Although their food is inspired by traditional Spanish cuisine, this restaurant will change your perspective and everything you know about Mediterranean food. Definitely a unique restaurant, both in Barcelona and globally.


Lasarte is yet another restaurant in Barcelona with three Michelin stars under its belt. Located in the most centric area of the Eixample neighborhood, it’s been considered one of Barcelona’s most fashionable restaurants for a while now.

Why has Lasarte become a must among haute cuisine restaurants in Barcelona, you may ask? Italian chef Paolo Casagrande’s creativity and elegance in his own personal way of understanding cooking. Worth pointing out are dishes such as apple millefeuille, foie gras, and European eel. But don’t think too hard, everything here will make your senses marvel!


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