Having some illustrious neighbors always gives good image to the neighborhood, we have in this case, a special restaurant that although is new, it will be illustrious …and it is only few meters away from our apartments. We are talking about the restaurant “Disfrutar” in Barcelona, located in the Eixample district, Villaroel road. When you go to this restaurant that is around the corner, you may not notice the entrance, it is discreet, but the experience of eating there will not leave you indifferent.

How to start describing the restaurant? Innovative cuisine, excellent product, impeccable service … so far, so good those are the adjectives that are given to these restaurants, followers of the best cuisine with or without Michelin stars. But to describe “Disfrutar” Barcelona, we have to talk about the five senses, feelings, experimentation and surprise.

18-course menu

We could list the 18 plates that comprise one of the menus, but still, we won’t be able to transmit the pleasure of tasting them, all those 18 delicacies will take us on a path that will discover the intrigue of this culinary wonder.
In the pictures you will see things that will seem familiar, but they definitely are not, nothing is what it seems to be. But don’t get confuse with the sophistication of the presentations or the textures, here  you will taste intense flavors, some of them well known on the Mediterranean cusine,  and some other flavours probably unknown, but all masterfully combined.

To make a reservation: Restaurante Disfrutar

If you stay in our apartments we can make the  reservation for you!

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