Christmas is that period of the year that people look forward to. It is an annual, universal holiday that holds on the 25th December of every year. It comes up exactly a week before the start of a new year. It is marked with festivities and banquets. Families whose members are far flung across different parts of the world see it as an opportunity for reunions, since holidays are granted universally, people tend to go back to their homes to celebrate with their siblings and parents that they haven’t seen in a while. It has its origin in the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ; the preached savior of the world.
Christmas in Barcelona is always fun, there is always something to look forward to, for both kids and adults. In Barcelona; a city in Spain, the capital of Catalunya, Christmas is celebrated over the span of twelve days. It is marked with much fun and festivities. The last day used for the celebration is called Epiphany which is on the 6th of January, the twelfth day after Christmas.

Activities you shouldn’t miss out on during Christmas in Barcelona includes:

The Tió de Nadal – Christmas Log. The Tió de Nadal which is a figure featuring a costumed Christmas log. In Catalan, it is an age-long tradition, it is one of Barcelona’s methods of amusing children and visitors. It involves dressing a log with a smiley face, a blanket and a red hat. The Tio is fed with “Turron” every night from December 8th until Christmas eve when the children sing a traditional song and hit the log with sticks, while being bitten, the log “poops” out sweets and treats for the kids. The Tio is erected in Plaça Nova, just by the main Santa Llúcia market.

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Another fun event you could engage in, is a visit to any of the various Christmas markets in Barcelona. Prominent among these markets is the Fira de Santa Llúcia. The Fira de Santa Llúcia Christmas market is the oldest and largest market in the city, it has been in existence for over two centuries. the Fira de Santa Llucia is located in Av. De la Cathedral. The market runs for a month between the last week in November and the last Week in December. It runs daily from 10.30am to 22.30pm. The market features the sale of green and vegetation, crafts, nativity scenes and figures, Christmas instrments and gifting varieties. Another notable Christmas market is The Sagrada Familia Market. The market features everything needed for decorations. It is located in front of the Sagrada Família and operates within the same period as the Fira de Santa Llúcia Christmas, they open daily from 10:00am to 22: 00pm.

In Barcelona, the terms Christmas and fun are intertwined; it is a period where memories are made and love is shared. The Cavalcada dels Reis is another awesome event also known as The Kings’ Day Parade. The event can be likened to Father Christmas’ gifting in other parts of the world. It always comes up a day before the last day of the Christmas celebration. In The Kings’ Day Parade, the idea of Father Christmas coming down the chimney from Rome is replaced with a theme connoting the Biblical 3 Wise Men, riding on their camels whilst gifting to children on the night between 5th and 6th of January. The structure is obtained where the children are made to write letters stating their choice of preferred gifts few days prior to the king’s ride.

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The weather condition in Barcelona as at the time of the holiday is another factor that facilitates the fun. During the Christmas holidays, Barcelona is not always so cold, at least not as cold as in Madrid. The average maximum temperature in Barcelona during periods in December is 57°F/14°C and the average minimum temperature is 43°F/6°C and it rarely snows. This weather condition makes Christmas more enjoyable as people are at freedom to go out and explore all the fun moments. Although, the weather factor is two-wayed, the demerit to it is the fact that celebrants in Barcelona do not get to experience the feel of a white Christmas, By implication, since there is no snow, there is no white Christmas. Several other fun things that characterize Christmas in Barcelona includes, The man of the noses, Nativity scenes, watching the new year fireworks and displays, the scatalogical Christmas traditions in Barcelona and the Dia dels Innocents; the Innocents’ Day which can be likened to April fool’s Day, it hold on the 28th December.

Natives of Barcelona can tell of the divertissement and amusement that accompanies the 12-day long celebration. Although Barcelona is considered safe for tourists, tourists should be really vigilant and careful as there are many pick-pockets and bag thieves in areas of Barcelona with popular tourist attractions.