This year’s tourist season has begun. With the arrival of the Mediterranean warmth, visitors from our neighboring countries as well as from all over the world are coming to visit Barcelona.

Strolling around the well-known modernist quarters, learning about the city’s rich history and culture, enjoying sport events, and exploring Barcelona’s classic Catalonian dishes, just to name a few activities that one cannot miss when visiting this Mediterranean city. Tourists arrive with much curiosity about the city’s culture, especially about the local cuisine. The Mediterranean touch and the well-balanced diet are attractive not only to the visitors, but also to the locals as well.

Barcelona’s restaurants and dishes

We have a great variety of restaurants in town. From the most traditional, most representative ones of the Catalonian culture, to the most international, creative cuisine like the Japanese, Arabic and Thai food, to point out a few.

Enjoying the local cuisine is an excellent way to experience Barcelona’s modernity and stylishness. Now, what are the most classic dishes, in the hall of fame of the Catalonian gastronomy?

Bread with tomato (“Pa amb tomàquet” in Catalan)

Bread with tomato is an outstanding classic Catalonian dish. It is available in any restaurant you swing by – it is just a must for both the locals and tourists! It is a simple dish: a piece of toasted bread with tomato rubbed over, and then slightly seasoned with salt and olive oil. It is not that simple though: it is very important that the bread is of best quality, because the best flavor of the dish can only be yielded with high-quality bread made with love and care.

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Grilled botifarra with white beans (“Botifarra amb mongetes”)

This simple dish is one of the most representative dishes of Barcelona. Used to be served in hotels and hostels in the 19th century, it consists of pan-grilled Catalonian sausage (“botifarra”) and white beans (“mongetes”). A very satisfying dish.


Another important member of the Catalonian food culture that would not be missed out when one talks about Barcelona or Catalonia. The calçot is a type of scallion that is usually consumed during the winter. Grilled over fire and served with romesco sauce, this is the Catalonian way to enjoy the calçots.

The traditional celebration called “calçotada” is a barbeque event where everyone enjoys calçots in the open air. An event to be enjoyed with family and friends, a happily-filled tummy, a true pleasure for all. 


A typical cold dish with origin in Barcelona, but is now consumed in all the Catalonia. The main ingredients include onions, red and green peppers, tomatos, aubergines and anchovies, all roasted and then served with a piece of toasted Pagés bread or “coca” (a pizza-like pastry), under the name of “coca de recapte”.

Cod “esqueixada” (“Esqueixada de Bacallà”)

The “esqueixada” is another classic local dish in the Mediterranean cuisine. It is a traditional Catalonian dish, born along the coast in the middle ages. It is made of an important ingredient of the Catalonian gastronomy: the salt cod. The perfect combination of fish and vegetable makes the “esqueixada” one of the most well-balanced dishes of the local cuisine.

And for the dessert…

Crema catalana and Mató with honey

There are two traditional desserts: the crema catalana and the mató with honey. The first one has a rich custard base, topped with hard caramel. The second one is simply fresh cheese served with honey, or sometimes quince cheese (“membrillo” in Spanish).

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