Barcelona celebrates Chinese New Year in colourful style  with a parade from Parc de l’Estació del Nord to the Arc de Triomf. Over 1000 people will take part, including 36 Chinese and Catalan entities and celebrations will incorporate both Chinese and Catalan traditions. Expect to see Chinese dragons and Catalan dracs, martial arts, dancers, percussionists, diables, giants and castellers.

The celebration of the Chinese New Year in Barcelona is organised by the Chinese community in Catalonia, with the support of Barcelona City Council and the collaboration of Casa Asia, Consulate General of People’s Republic of China and the Confucius Institute Foundation of Barcelona.



How Is the Date for Chinese New Year Determined?

Chinese New Year’s Day is the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar.

The date is different each year on the Gregorian (internationally-used) calendar, but is always between January 21th and February 20th.

Why Is Chinese New Year on the Date It Is?

 Like Christmas/New Year in other countries, Chinese New Year is simply a much-needed winter holiday at an auspicious time.

Rest Before a New Farming Year

Chinese New Year was set to coincide with the slack time just before a new year of farm work begins, as a time of preparation.

Chinese traditionally celebrated the start of a new year of farm work, and wished/prayed for a good harvest. This has now evolved into celebrating the start of a new business year and wishing for profits and success in various vocations.

The Traditional ‘Start of Spring’

China’s traditional solar calendar’s first solar term is called ‘Start of Spring’, hence the “Spring Festival” — another name for Chinese New Year.

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‘Start of Spring’ precedes the start of spring weather for much of China, starting about February 5, and the lunar calendar year always starts within half a month of that.


2017 Is a Rooster Year!


Chinese New Year 2017 begins a year of the Rooster.  Mercedes Heritage Apartments wants to celebrate the chinese new year with you offering a 20% Discount for all bookings from 27  to 31 January.


Happy Rooster Year for all!