On Monday March 23rd, the next edition of the #MuseumWeek in Twitter, a global event where different museums will share its secrets on the social network. In this case, in Barcelona, Casa Batlló, one of the more famous Gaudí buildings, participates in this edition.

To participate, the institutions will use the hashtag #MuseumWeek and from the Twitter user @CasaBatlloGaudi they will publish information about the most unknown secrets of the house, detailed information about the visits and much more…

Do not miss Casa Batlló

We invite you to participate, and for the ones that are willing to see this magnificent Gaudí building in Barcelona, we copy the map to do an itinerary from our apartments, by walking, so you will be able to discover all Casa Batlló’s secrets from the inside…

More information about the event in Casa Batlló: web Casa Batlló Barcelona

Here you will find the list of all our apartments, in Mercedes Heritage, Barcelona Best Apartments : Apartments

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