There are many bike-friendly cities that you can visit on holidays. One of the most popular cities that can provide the ultimate bike riding experience is Barcelona. Barcelona has well-maintained roads and road directions for tourists that can enable the riders to easily navigate their way. If you are a new biker, you can still use the bike-friendly Barcelona roads.

Using a bicycle to see the amazing locations of Barcelona can be usefull. On the road, you can see the natural locations such as the beaches to get better acquainted with the seafronts. There are special bike tracks that you can ride on to get to the beach. The roads that lead to the beach are likely to be plain so that you can easily reach your destination.

The weather of Barcelona is mostly sunny, perfect for a quick ride. You can visit the Green Collserola, for a rougher terrain to ride on.  These parks have been especially constructed for the purpose of attracting tourists to Barcelona. Many visitors like the terrain as they can test their ability to control the bike. Travelling to the parks can be a good way to acquaint the tourist with the natural places that Barcelona has. If you get tired of the rough roads, you can venture towards the service lanes. These road lanes can connect you to the main city and you can see the historical places in Barcelona.

Activity for the whole family

Bike riding in Barcelona is a fun activity that you can do with your family and friends. You can go for a bike ride in the daylight or at night. As the road directions are mentioned clearly you can ride the bike in Barcelona as per your convenience. As the riding routes are clearly demarcated, you can also visit the places that you pass through on the way to your destination.

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To get a good riding experience, you can rent a bicycle through several bike rental services in Barcelona, or you can use the “Bicing” service that is offered by the city council. In the following link you can see the routes and maps of the bike-friendly roads and green routes to follow in Barcelona, you will also find the location of the rental services and the official “bicing” check points.

Information about routes and bicycle rental services: La meva Barcelona