Best Seafood Restaurants In Barcelona

It is unarguable seafood is one of the best delicacies in the world aside from being of great
benefits to our health. Seafood dish with other foods like rice is another taste on its own ―
directly from the sea to your plate ― ranging from saltwater and freshwater all down to
deep water shellfish, the taste is wonderful.
In case you are also a lover of this delicacy that has been discovered by various researches
to reduce heart complications, maintain eyesight, boost the immune system and also brain
power; there are seafood restaurants who prepare dishes that make your visit to Barcelona
more memorable.

Icho is the seafood restaurant you should consider visiting if you anticipate a double
cultural experience. Enjoy the sights and adventure of Barcelona and visit this restaurant to
get some Japanese treat. The restaurant is own by a Japanese named Tan and has been
awarded one of the best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona. The seafood is specially
selected from the Japanese coast and the Mediterranean ― well prepared in the Japanese
style. It is located at Carrer de Déu i Mata, 69.

La Ciutadela
The La Ciutedela has many dishes on their menu than seafood. This does in no way deprive
you of getting a seafood meal to satiate yourself. It is recommended for the lovers of rice as
you can always get your seafood served with well-prepared rice plate which the place is
reputed for ― such as soupy rice with lobster ― they may also have dishes like tuna &
shrimp on the menu too. Located at Passeig Lluis Companys, 2.

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Passadís del Pep
Here is the seafood restaurant that adds some adventure to your Barcelona visit. The
restaurant does not have a menu ― that is trivia because every new day meal served here
are one of the best you can ever find in Barcelona. The day meal may include clams, sea
snail, squid, crispy anchovies and prawns. There is also some local Champagne (Cava) to
enjoy your meal with. And locating this restaurant is another adventure of its own ― it is
located at Pla de Palau, 2.

Gamba de la Costa
The Gamba de la Costa is a seafood restaurant tourists love to visit because of its much
focus on serving tasty seafood dishes. It is well known for cooking fresh seafood brought
directly from the market daily. Some of the seafood listed on their menu include squids,
shrimps, cod, tuna, monkfish, clams and Norway lobsters. You can choose a nice wine from
their list to enjoy your meal with. It is located at Carrer de Roger de Flor, 252.
La Mar Salada

The La Mar Salada was opened in 1993 and currently headed by Chef Marc Singla. It is
renown for its paella dishes but recently after its transformation, it now offers more. The
restaurant offers its dishes in Catalan style giving you the true feel of Barcelona. Guests are
welcome to a friendly space decorated in white and blue stimulating a marine environment.
The lunchtime menu is well-prepared using a high-quality ingredient that you can enjoy at
a cheaper price. It is located at Passeig Don Joan Borbó Comte.

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El Suquet de l'Almirall
This restaurant is a great place to enjoy how seafood is prepared in the Catalan style. The
popular dish here is the cod fritters, you can also enjoy the “Suquet” too ― what does that
mean? It is a big bowl of steamed shellfish. The baby squid is another dish you can order.
Remember to go with a companion if you will be ordering the paella as the minimum
serving is two people although it is priced per person. It is located at Passeig de Joan de
Borbó, 65.

The Fishop is indeed a “Fish Shop” where you can get the best seafood which is directly
from the sea. You either buy to take away and cook yourself if you can or get it cooked at
the site. Opened in 2008, this restaurant and shop combo is surrounded by the best fashion
stores in Barcelona. It also features a sushi bar where you can enjoy different sushi dishes
at any time of the day. Located at Passeig de Gràcia, 53.

Rías de Galícia
Rías de Galícia was founded in 1986 and for more than a decade acclaims itself the spot of
the best and freshest seafood. You will find varieties of delicacies here such as John Dory
and txangurro crab cannelloni, Cantabarian lobster with garlic, scallops, espardeñas and
razor clams ― all directly from the sea. They also have fantastic lists of wine ― about 800
from around the world and more than 20,000 bottles. Located at Carrer de Lleida, 7.