Best Luxury Plans In Barcelona

The city of Barcelona has come a long way in attracting tourists since the 1992 Olympics. It
is reputed for its great architects like Antoni Gaudí and artists like Pablo Picasso. Aside
from this, the city is a favorite location of exceptional trade fairs and events experience.
Tourists can never exhaust all of the wonders of this Catalan city. For maximum experience
during a visit, tourists need to plan their holiday carefully to return home with the most
memorable encounters of its beauty.

Private Sailing Adventure
Enjoy the Mediterranean Sea during your visit to Barcelona while you treat yourself to
some tapas and wine ― there are other amenities to enjoy too during such sailing
experience. You may decide to have a fishing adventure, just enjoy the sunset or enjoy
some champagne on a yacht. Some of these companies offering private sailing adventure
may even allow for some sporting activities and private parties too. Try SailDistrict for
some memorable experience.

Jamboree Jazz Club
The Jamboree has opened its door since 1960 to welcome jazz lovers. It is one of the most
sociable jazz clubs in Spain and has hosted great jazz performers like Bill Coleman and
Kenny Drew.
There are lots of tourist-focused restaurants some walks from the jazz club you can always
hang out in case. Every night has something different for its guest especially Monday nights
which present a collaboration of Jazz performers and hip-hop artists.

Camp Nou Stadium
The Camp Nou stadium is the home of Barcelona, one of the best football clubs in the world.
Experience in this stadium is always stupefying for the club’s fan and for people who are
not football lovers, you can also visit the location to experience the atmosphere of a place
the Catalans have high regard for. If that does not intrigue you, how about a visit to the
largest football stadium in Europe which can hold up to 100,000 spectators. The on-site
museum gives you a view of the trophies and awards the renown fútbol (football/soccer)
club has won over the years.

Hire A Luxury Car And/Or Helicopter
You can decide to hire a Ferrari to drive for the experience or better get picked up with a
luxurious car like the Ferrari to visit notable places in Barcelona such as Picasso Museum
and La Sagrada Família. Most of these companies will pick you from your apartment and
return you after the tour. Crown it all with an aerial view of the city especially Montserrat
from a helicopter.

Enjoy A Spa Retreat
After the all-day tour of the city, visiting one of the luxurious spas in Barcelona to refresh
yourself. Spas help you sleep better, alleviate pains & aches, and can help reduce
headaches. Some of the luxurious spas in Barcelona include ;
Aire de Barcelona Banys Àrabs
This Spa offers Arabs baths which is a combination of Templarium (warm), Caldarium(hot),
and Frigidarium (cold); and also, hamam steam bath.

Metropolitan Sagrada Família
You can get a hydro massage here, and also Turkish bath and enjoy a pool with
‘thermoludic’ effects. If you will prefer a shower, they have bi-thermal and steam showers
for you to refresh your body.

This is the perfect luxury spa if you will prefer a quiet time for yourself. Get soaked in their
giant capsule containing healing salts. You are all by yourself throughout the time.

Stay In A Luxury Hotel
Where you retire to at night after the whole tour of Barcelona is the most important thing.
Choosing a luxury hotel is the utmost experience of your Barcelona visit. Good customer
service, comfortable bed to sleep, maximum security and wide varieties of amenities to
enjoy. Booking any of the best luxury apartments in Barcelona is always competitive as
there are many tourists bidding for the available few.