Barcelona is a vibrant a hub for culture and the arts, with a reputation both in Spain and Europe as a whole. The Catalan capital isn’t just known for its good weather, beautiful architecture, rich history and unique traditions. Live music and the arts are commodities highly coveted by the inhabitants of the city. As such, Barcelona has many state-of-the-art concert halls regularly showcasing the best national and international artists, either based in town or passing through.

Depending on the musical programming and characteristics of each venue, there’s a concert hall for everyone. From huge modern auditoriums with capacities of over a thousand people to smaller intimate venues, there’s definitely a venue in Barcelona for you.

We’ve drawn up this list of the best concert halls in Barcelona so that you don’t have to look any further to plan your cultural activities and catch a gig while in the Catalan capital.

The best music venues in Barcelona

Sala Apolo

First established in 1943, Apolo is the quintessential indie and electronic music club in Barcelona, and one of the oldest venues in the city. With an interesting programming every single day of the week, you can catch both local artists and acclaimed international artists from diverse genres ranging from pop, rock and folk to electronic club music at this venue.

In fact, Sala Apolo was renovated last year and it’s better than it ever was! Without any doubt, one of the best concert halls in Barcelona.

Sala Barts

Just across the street from the legendary Apolo is Sala Barts in all its splendor. Although it’s a relatively new venue under its current name, this street corner on Parallel avenue has been a theater ever since 1892. Nowadays, Sala Barts –which stands for Barcelona Arts on Stage– is one of the city’s best venues with two separate spaces inside and a very diverse programming.

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Sala Barts can host concerts in different formats, either with the audience standing up or as a classic auditorium with seats. Moreover, there’s much more than music to enjoy here, as its programming also features dance shows, theater, circus and comedy. A concert hall not to be overlooked in Barcelona!


Razzmatazz is a clubbing behemoth in Barcelona. With five distinct spaces within the venue, Razzmatazz is a beloved favorite among locals and travelers alike, who flock to this club for its world-famous reputation. You’ll find all kinds of music here. An ideal spot for group reunions and parties: no matter your taste, there’s something for everyone here.

On top of its nightly club programming, Razzmatazz also hosts major international artists from all styles, from Arctic Monkeys to Banarama. The price of admission will usually get you into all five rooms, but keep in mind that gigs are usually ticketed separately. One of the best music venues in Barcelona. Trust us, it lives up to its reputation.


In the heart of the city, sitting in Plaça Reial, is Jamboree, one of the city’s jazz landmarks. This is no exaggeration, as this concert hall has hosted famed musicians over the years of the likes of Bill Coleman, Kenny Drew, Chet Baker, Lou Bennet, Stéphan Grappelli, Kenny Clarke, Ornette Coleman or Dexter Gordon.

There’s music on here every night, with genres ranging from blues and jazz to latin and funk music. The Monday jams are particularly worth pointing out for the extraordinary talent showcased and it’s infectious festive atmosphere. Don’t miss out on this great concert hall in Barcelona if you’re looking to catch some jazz while in town!

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Sidecar Factory Club

Also in Plaça Reial is Sidecar Factory Club. A small indie rock club but with a huge heart! With different sessions here on every night of the week, this concert hall features both the best local rockers as well as the hippest international bands. No list of the best venues in Barcelona would be complete without this club. You’ll also find some of the best apartments in this vibrant area of downtown Barcelona.

Pipa Club

Last but not least on our list is Pipa Club, another jazz institution in Barcelona. Although this venue first got known at its original location in Plaça Reial, it’s now located in the bohemian and artistic neighborhood of Gràcia. Pipa Club is a small intimate concert hall with live music almost every day of the week, mostly specializing in jazz and related genres.

It’s probably the best venue in town in terms of price quality, with top-notch musicians at affordable prices. Besides, the ambience inside is mesmerizing and will transport you back in time!