If there’s one thing there isn’t a lack of in Europe, that is churches. Every city in the Old Continent has more than a few of them, as the result of centuries of Christian tradition.

In this respect, Barcelona is no exception. The Catalan capital has world-class examples of churches worth visiting. From edifications that have been around for centuries to impressive churches built over the twentieth century, there’s a little bit of everything in Barcelona.

Visiting the city’s different churches is definitely a great activity to do when traveling to Barcelona. You’ll be impressed by the skill of the city’s architects over the centuries, who have left a legacy of beautiful churches in this gem of the Mediterranean.

We’ve drawn up this list of the most beautiful churches in Catalonia’s capital. Take a look below and choose the itinerary that best suits you. You won’t be disappointed!

The most beautiful churches in Barcelona

The Sagrada Familia

No other but Barcelona’s most famous church, and possibly the city’s most iconic building, could open this list. The Sagrada Familia is widely recognized as Gaudí’s masterpiece, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each of the building’s 18 turrets, as well as the four spectacular façades, have a symbolic value and spiritual meaning behind their gorgeous beauty. And adding to the legend of this building is the fact that it is still under construction, ever since 1882. It’s expected to be complete no sooner than 2026… You do the math.

When visiting the Sagrada Familia, make sure to book your tickets in advance to avoid long queues. Also worth of mention is that some of the best Barcelona apartments are found in this neighborhood.

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The Sagrada Familia isn’t only one of the best churches to visit in Barcelona. It’s without doubt an unequaled church in the whole world.

Basílica de Santa María del Mar

The Basílica de Santa María del Mar is a prime example of the typical Catalan Gothic style. Constructed in the 14th century over 54 years, the Basilica de Santa María del Mar is among the most beautiful churches in Barcelona, and most definitely worth a visit. You’ll find a building of impressive architecture yet harmonious and simple in terms of symmetry.

Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor

Perched atop of Tibidabo Mountain you’ll find find much more than just monumental views of the city. You’ll also find the impressive Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor, an awe-inspiring neo-Gothic church surrounded by a Romanesque fortress of stone.

The church is the work of the Spanish architect Enric Sagnier and was completed by his son Josep Maria Sagnier I Vidal in 1961, after 59 years of construction. The Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor is one of the best churches to visit in Barcelona, and one of its most beloved landmarks. It is actually visible from all points of the city.

The Cathedral of Barcelona

A list of the most beautiful churches in Barcelona would be blatantly incomplete without the city’s epic cathedral. One of the city’s largest tourist attractions, the cathedral stands majestically in the middle of Barcelona’s medieval Gothic Quarter.

The Cathedral of Barcelona has different periods of architecture visible to the naked eye. This is due to its long period of 150 years of construction, as well as its multiple refurbishments over the centuries. When visiting it, make sure to check out the sombre crypt of the Christian martyr Saint Eulalia. Moreover, the views of the Gothic quarter from the cathedral’s rooftop are simply stunning. Don’t miss out on this monumental and beautiful church in Barcelona!

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