On top of its beautiful architecture, rich history and unique traditions, there is another obvious factor which makes Barcelona such a popular travel destination: its mild weather and charming Mediterranean beaches. Catalonia has no less than 595 kilometers of coastline, and as a result, there are beaches for everyone! Whether you’re looking to simply relax or practice an extreme sport, there’s a beach out there for you.

For today’s feature, we’ve drawn up a list of the best beaches in Barcelona and its surroundings. In this area of the planet, we’re very fortunate to so many options to enjoy a day at the beach!

The most beautiful beaches in Barcelona and nearby

Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta beach takes its name from the popular Barcelona neighborhood in which it is located. It was traditionally a fishermen neighborhood built in the 17th century. Nowadays, it is one of Barcelona’s most bustling beaches, but it hasn’t lost its charm. You’ll find many different restaurants along the beach specializing in freshly-caught seafood. There are also different chiringuitos, or seaside huts, scattered around the beach if you just want to enjoy a drink in the sun with the fresh sea breeze.

If you’re into extreme sports, you’ll find that Barceloneta beach is a great place for you. Windsurfers and kite-surfers alike flock to this beach all year round to practice. This is no wonder, as its location and accessibility is unbeatable. Barceloneta beach is right next to Ciutat Vella, Barcelona’s historic quarter, and the city’s main attractions. You’ll also find some of the best Barcelona apartments in this area. Definitely one of the best beaches in Barcelona and its surroundings, at an incomparable location.

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Bogatell Beach

A favorite among Barcelona locals, Bogatell is a more of a low-key beach compared to Barceloneta. At 600 meters long, it’s not as touristy as many of its counterparts, and you’ll find urban furniture such as ping pong tables or volleyball courts. A great option to relax at the beach without having to go any further. One of the best beaches in Barcelona in terms of location and accessibility.

Ocata Beach

At just a half hour train ride out of the city, Ocata beach is pristine, flat and calm. This is the perfect option if you’re looking for a bit of privacy, especially in summertime, when finding a less crowded beach can seem like an impossible task. Long and wide, and with beautiful golden sand, there is plenty of space for everyone at Ocata beach. Without any doubt, one of the best beaches in Barcelona and its surroundings if you’re looking to relax.

If you forget to pack your lunch, don’t fret: much like most beaches close to Barcelona, Ocata beach has its share of chiringuitos serving fresh seafood and drinks!

El Garraf

El Garraf is a charming small beach lined with traditional picturesque white fishermen’s huts. It’s located at just a half hour train ride south of Barcelona, and just before reaching the popular resort town of Sitges. The special charm of this beach makes it a favorite among locals, as it doesn’t get too busy with tourists during the summer. Proof of this is that there aren’t many options to eat out: it only has one chiringuito on the beach and a restaurant on the neighboring clifftop.

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El Garraf sits on a natural bay, which makes it ideal for swimming due to its warm temperature and calm waters. One of the best beaches close to Barcelona, and a great place to plan a picnic!

Caldes d’Estrac

You’ll find plenty of Mediterranean charm at Caldes d’Estrac. At only 45 minutes north of Barcelona, Caldes d’Estrac is very wide beach with plenty of space for everyone, even at the peak of summer. Contributing to the special appeal of this beach are the colorful Catalan Modernista houses found in this coastal town.

If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, Caldes d’Estrac is also a great beach from which to go on hiking routes. You’ll also find kayaks for rent along the shore. On top of this, the town’s thermal baths dating from the 19th century are a source of local pride. What isn’t there to like? Definitely one of the best beaches to visit in the Barcelona surroundings.

Try to visit all of these beaches if you get the chance… You won’t be disappointed!