Here in Barcelona, we usually expect very nice weather in April – less clothing, more colors on the street and high spirits thanks to sunshine vitamin. Moreover, the younger ones are about to finish the second term and are already looking forward to the summer vacation. And this means: it is time to plan for holidays now!

The fabulous beaches in Barcelona are always a good choice to enjoy the lovely summer afternoons with kids. In fact, the sea breezes are one of the most effective natural remedies for the children’s organism – they are good for health! Lets see some examples.

Benefits of the beach for the kids

The ozone, the iodine, the negative ions, mineral salts… the seabreeze has them all. And this becomes important health benefits for the kids:

  • It enhances the defence mechanisms.
  • It is a natural remedy against the cold, cough and mucus.
  • It can be a natural antihistamine for the spring allergies because it helps to clear the bronchus tube.
  • It helps discharge their endless energy so that everybody sleeps tight at night.
  • It increases the appetite.
  • It improves skin vitality and flexibility because of the touch of the sand and its nutrients.


The best of the best list – the most fabulous beaches to enjoy with kids in Barcelona and outskirts

Having understood the benefits of the sea for the health, here are our favorite beaches to savour during the summer time:


Beaches in Calella

Just next to the Montnegre Natural Park (“Parque Natural del Montnegre” in Spanish) and around 50 km away from Barcelona, Calella is one of the most exceptional tourist destinations along the Catalonian coast.

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The beaches in Calella are accredited with the Family Holidays label by the Catalan Tourist Board. It means their beaches are certified as providing family activities (junior clubs, specialized monitors, free cartoons, sports activities such as volleyball and beach soccer, canoeing, hiking…)


Beaches in Pineda de Mar

A town situated between Barcelona and Girona, Pineda de Mar has now become a tempting spot for all. But among all its virtues its blue flag beaches and watersports centre make it an unbeatable family trip destination, not to mention the playground on the beach and the drawing workshops organized by the Foundation Tharrats for the younger ones to unleash their creativity.


Beach in Remolar

Located at the Llobregat delta, this beach is easily reached by car (there is a parking nearby) or by bike. You can find a very easy cycle route that is suitable for the whole family.

The beach itself is a very tranquil one and a perfect spot to observe native birds and the iron ones: the planes which take off from and land at the El Prat Airport. With its focus on its natural beauty, the services on the beach are fairly limited.


Beach in Sausalito de Sitges

Just half-an-hour away from Barcelona you will reach Sitges, a town well-known not only for its carnivals but also for its gorgeous beaches. Being one of the most preferred tourist destination in the summer, on the beaches of Sitges and Sausalito you will find everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable vacation with your family.

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Do not forget to try their ice-cream when you walk along the Paseo de la Ribera!


Beaches in Calabecs and Waikiki (Tarragona)

We understand your adventurous spirit, and that’s why we have included the beaches in Calabecs and Waikiki (Tarragona) in our list. These divine beaches are surrounded by the wild nature, making it difficult to be accessed by car or to be enjoyed with very young children.

If your children is a bit older and you want to enjoy an adventurous route, you will definitely fall in love with the narrow path that leads you to one of the most interesting Catalonian beaches. The lovely route, surrounded by pine trees, will take you to the small beach with crystal-clear water and fine sand. Keep in mind that there is no snack bar nor shower stalls on the beach, but along the route you will find stores so that you wouldn’t run out of water.