The city of Barcelona does not lack fine wines for its tourist to enjoy. You can always find a bar almost everywhere and more are opening every month. The city also has its favorite, the gin and tonic mixture which can be found in most alfresco bars.

Irrespective of your personal preference, whether you are a lover of wine, beer, or vermouth, we have covered a list of the best bars to choose from ― tea lovers are not left out too.

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Tandem Cocktail Bar

Tandem is a Catalan definition of classic. The bar has been in operation for more than 30 years and its regular visitors are older people and couples who wish to have a quiet time. There are no much fun actions here but it is great if you want to avoid the hippy spots.

Boadas Coctelería

The location of this bar is not far from Las Ramblas, a street lined with trees. It is the most famous bar in Barcelona and also one of the well-known around the world. You will find a lot of tourists like you here and you can order classical drinks such as Martinis and a mixture of gin and tonics.


If you will prefer a little more display with your order, then try the Paradiso bar. Drinks come with some additional display such as smoke, fire and dry ice. Your order may be delayed because of the added artistry, but their customer service is great and the bar is not always crowded.

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Dry Martini and Speakeasy

This is like a cult but not the typical one thou ― that was a joke. The Dry Martini allows guests to enter only after the repetition of the password which is considered paying homage to its secretive atmosphere. It is a remembrance of the prohibition era in the USA during the 1920s.

360 Terrace

360 Terrace boasts of offering visitors an all-round view of Barcelona right from its location. The bar is located at the top of the Barceló Hotel. You can enjoy dishes of different cultures here, not forgetting you can other mixed drinks and cocktails. Perfect for a fantastic evening and relaxation while you enjoy the 360-view of Barcelona.

Bodega Maestrazgo

Located in Born, this bar is not as big as a usual bar would be, but its design is relatively modern. You can taste wines of many varieties as you like here. When you move into the back room, you will discover a small counter displaying olives, anchovies and delicious snacks. Their spectacular drink is the vermouth which is served dry and a bit spicy.

Caribbean Club

Caribbean does sound like a ship or boat thing, and so is this bar. Its design looks like the interior of a boat. The bar is run as a rum bar since it opened in 1974. Varieties of Caribbean rums related music like rum Old Fashineds and silky El Presidentes are always on play in the background.

Hemingway Barcelona

This is another spot tourists like visiting in Barcelona. The mixology here is not really different from others but when considered with its environment, it is a fantastic location for drinking. Ask for a classic Negroni which you will really enjoy. And the probability of leaving with a date is high, there are always fun-loving people here just like you.

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Senyor Vermut

Senyor Vermut is the perfect place to enjoy some vermouth rojo served over some ice with a big wedge of orange. It is a place well visited by locals ― finding people on the street shouldn’t surprise you, a lot of the locals like hanging out here all day.

Solange Cocktails & Luxury Spirits

Solange is a combo of movies features. The bar is James Bond-themed and the captivating menu is based on the movies of Roger Moore. It is a spot frequently visited by local and regular tourists. Most of their drinks are fruity especially those from the “Live and Let Die Section”.

Las Cuevas del Sorte

In case you will still like an adventure in a bar, Las Cuevas del Sorte is a great option. The bar is located is down some bizarre stairs. You will be enjoying your drink in a cave of candles and stone walls.
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