5th January  is one of the most beautiful days  for children and adults in Spain. Maybe you wonder why.

Well, it is because Three Wise Men come to celebrate the magic of Christmas bearing gifts and joy all around Spain.

Every fifth January , children and not so children crowd the streets in Barcelona to enjoy and celebrate the Three Wise Men Parade, wich is one of the most famous parades around the country.

cabalgata reyes barcelona

The amazing “mise en scene”  turn it into a wonderful and unforgettable spectacle.

The Three Wise Men arrive to Barcelona by boat from very remote places and then they distribute magic candies and sweets to the children.

At 16.30 the three wise men parade arrive to Barcelona by boat.  They will announce the event and they will give the instructions for childrens behaviour at night.

The event starts at 18 h . You can find the tour information below :

00 h Av. Marquès de l’Argentera

10 h Pla de Palau

15 h Pg. Isabel II

25 h Via Laietana

00 h Pl. Urquinaona

05 h Fontanella

10 h Pl. Catalunya

25 h Pl. Universitat

35 h Rda. Sant Antoni

45 h Sepúlveda

25 h Av. Paral·lel

35 h Pl. Espanya

45 h Av. Reina Maria Cristina


Tips to enjoy the Three Wise Men Parade 2017

To avoid health risks while you are enjoying the spectacle , it is good to know that floats can be dangerous, so you shouldn’t cross the street in front of them and also you shouldn’t distract in some way to participants.  In case of any emergency or incidence , please inform about it to security staff or call to 112.

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How you can participate in Three Wise Men Parade

reyes magos barcelona

You can click here if you want your kids enjoying this experience from other perspective  becoming Royal Pages for one special night .