Barcelona receives more than fourteen million travelers a year. It’s a a huge number when you think of the city’s regular residents, which amount to under two million people (although the total population is close to six million including the city’s surrounding metropolitan area).

All in all, Barcelona is famous all over the world as a favorite travel destination. The vibrant Catalan capital has it all: a rich history, culture and traditions, beautiful and unique architecture, mild Mediterranean weather… And let us not forget the beautiful landscape found here, with its alluring beaches and mountains.

In fact, it’s especially during the summer when Barcelona becomes a coveted destination for travelers hailing from all over the globe. According to the city council, during the summer of 2018 the city received over 4.6 million tourists in only three months. All of whom have found plenty of reasons to visit Barcelona in summertime.

You may be asking yourself what makes Barcelona such a great summertime destination. The sunny season is right around the corner and we’re one step ahead of you… So check out our top 10 reasons to visit Barcelona in summer!

Top reasons to travel to Barcelona in the summer

1. It’s always sunny.

Do you really need more arguments? You can visit a vibrant cosmopolitan city while still getting that suntan you’ve been longing for all year. Definitely a great reason to travel to Barcelona in summertime.

2. Beaches.

The word speaks for itself. Barcelona is the most important city on this side of the Mediterranean Sea, and you can find beautiful beaches to kick back and relax within the city itself. For the more adventurous types, the entire Catalan coast is worth discovering, and is easily accessible from Barcelona by different transportation means. 

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3. Loads of music.

The arrival of summer also means something else in Barcelona: the arrival of music festivals! There are many great open-air events going on throughout the summer such as the Festival de Pedralbes, Cruïlla Festival or Mùsica als Parcs. Keep in mind that one of the main reasons to visit Barcelona in summertime is that there’s always some kind of event going on.

4. The festes majors.

Discover one of the most beloved traditions by locals. The festes majors are annual celebrations in which town members decorate the streets and party for days with live music, performances and a widespread good vibe. Each neighborhood in Barcelona has its own festivity, but especially worth of mention are the picturesque celebrations in the Gràcia quarter. You’ll also find some of the best Barcelona apartments in this area of the city. 

5. The sites.

The Catalan capital is famous for its iconic landmarks such as Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell or the medieval Gothic quarter. Why visit these in the summer, though? Because locals traditionally leave town in summertime to enjoy their vacations. This means that the main city sites are less crowded and they are easier to get around to and visit.

6. The night of Sant Joan.

The night of June 23rd is a special date in the Spanish calendar. On this day, the whole country celebrates the summer solstice. In Catalonia it’s also known as Nit del Foc, or Night of Fire, and it’s a night marked by fireworks and firecrackers. 

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7. Drinks and dining al fresco.

Barcelona is all about its terraces during the summer. The city is brimming with cozy bars and restaurants with charming terraces where you can enjoy a drink or delicious Mediterranean tapas. Make sure not to miss out on these when visiting Barcelona in summertime.

8. Go shopping.

As the vibrant cosmopolitan city that it is, the Catalan capital has first class shopping options. Take advantage of it by browsing its fantastic selection of boutiques while visiting Barcelona during the summer.

9. Relax at rooftop bars.

We’ve already mentioned Barcelona’s charming  terraces. However, once the sunny season starts, the city’s rooftop bars also bloom. These are definitely worth enjoying while visiting Barcelona in summertime, as they also provide spectacular views of the city.

10. The magic fountain of Montjuic.

During the summer, the iconic fountain of Montjuic turns on its evening lights show five days a week. A perfect activity to sit outside with a picnic, while enjoying nearly always perfect weather and the enchanting light show.